​​Table of Contents:

Foreword by Bill Flanagan

Prologue: Waiting for the Rollercoaster

1 Hello Pittsburgh

2 Something of My Birth

3 First Birthday Party

4 Richard Discovers Electricity and Other Experiments

5 “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?"

6 Cough Syrup, Death, Hypnosis and an Early Psychedelic Experience

7 Turning Upside Down Inside and the Power of Silence

8 Catholic School, God and the Devil

9 The Intoxicated Cartoon

10 Teenage Activity

11 Junior High Heroin and Big Angel / Big Devil

12 The Whole World Is Sex

13 Valence

14 The Hypnosis and Slang Study Groups

15 Samantha

16 Raising the Ritalin Roof

17  Psychiatry is Nuts

18 Richard Meets Velvert and Wakes Up Jimi

19 The Guitar Lesson without a Guitar and Black Roman Orgy

20 Buddy’s Got a Gun

21 Hash Magic and Zeppelin Tales

22  Woodstock

23 Adventures at The Fillmore East

24 Montclair and the Reefer Gun

25  True Wish

26 Boston and John Lee Hooker

27  California

28  Keith Moon and the Sartorial Splendor

29 Richard Cromelin’s House

30 Lotus to New Orleans and New York

31 Moving in with Terry Ork

32 Summer of the Superglued Dishes

33 The Wailer’s and the Art of Walking Out

34 Reno Sweeney’s: Part One

35  Reno Sweeney’s: Part Two

36 Television Rehearsing

37 Hilly on a Stepladder

38 Tom in the Middle and Island Records

39  Hell’s Syringes

40  Management, Flash Forward to Meltdown and Television’s First Single

41 The Laws and CBGB’s

42  Hello Cleveland: This Is Not Earth Music

43  Richard Visits the National Council on Alcoholism

44 Judy

45 Growing Up

46 Sire and Elektra

47 Anita and Keith

48 Recording Marquee Moon

49 Peter Gabriel and the West Coast

50 Visits with Velvert

51 The Ice Kings of Rock

52 Television Takes Europe

53 New York, What a Place

54 Girls and Other Girls

55 Recording Adventure

56 Television Dissolve

57 The Hats, Atlanta and the B-52s

58 Dr. Steve and Various Overdoses

59 Alchemy and the Downward Spiral

60 Endocarditis and Bob Marley

61 Field of Fire: Part 1

62 Field of Fire: Part 2

63 Matthew and the Little Kernels

64 The Coke Cat

65 John Doe and SXSW

66 Television Reunite

67 The Awakening of Kundalini

68 Leaving Television

​69 Suffering

Part Two:Outtakes

Appendix A: Meeting Mr. Gurdjieff

Appendix B: The Depth of Wish

Appendix C: Poems

Appendix D: Discography


From the archives of Richard Lloyd

     © GODLIS

Legendary guitarist. Founding member of Television. Masterful storyteller.

Written in Lloyd's inimitable, frequently humorous style, Everything is Combustible chronicles, through vignettes, Lloyd's colorful early life, starting in Pittsburgh and soon moving to New York City, and then details his teenage travels and encounters with music legends including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and Keith Moon. 

Lloyd recounts the founding of Television, the band's rise alongside other bands and personalities in the 1970’s New York Music scene, and the legend-making of the unparalleled music venue CBGB.  As the rock ‘n’ roll tales unfold, he accompanies them with insights into his approach to music and the electric guitar.

Lloyd’s mid-career vignettes detail his solo years, including the backstory of critically praised records such as Alchemy and Field of Fire, his drug addiction and recovery, his 90s-era work, and touring adventures with artists such as Matthew Sweet, John Doe, and Robert Quine. Throughout the book is an undercurrent—Lloyd’s continually evolving spiritual-philosophical approach to life, emerging from the conscious digestion of the highs and the lows—both ends of the same stick.

In Everything is Combustible, Richard Lloyd relates his life, both inner and outer, in the narrative style, digging beneath the events and revealing their meanings.

Everything is Combustible is a must-have for any fan of Television and the heyday of the New York rock music scene. It fills a void in the written record as the first complete account of the band, including the making of their records and touring, from a founding member of the band.

Considered a foundational band of alternative rock, Television’s debut record, Marquee Moon, is widely viewed by critics and musicians as one of the greatest albums ever recorded.   As one half of Television’s unique guitar sound, and a legendary solo artist in his own right, Richard Lloyd’s music has influenced a range of bands and artists from U2, Johnny Marr and Joy Division to R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Wilco and John Frusciante.

​Hardcover with Dust Jacket. 21 Illustrations. 416 Pages.

​Foreword: Bill Flanagan

Cover Photography: Godlis

​ISBN: 9780997693769

​Beech Hill Publishing Company: Mount Desert, Maine

​North American on sale date: October 24, 2017