​​​​​Television, CBGB's and Five Decades of Rock and Roll



​                                             The Memoirs of an Alchemical Guitarist​​          Release Day: October 24, 2017


Decatur Book Festival 2017.  Photos courtesy of Phil Venable

​​​​​News and Reviews:

​10-14-17: "The story is told in Lloyd’s no-holds barred style. He holds nothing back and tells it exactly like it happened (to the best of his memory) in his very, very philosophical (cosmic) style. The guy is an excellent writer and Everything Is Combustible is at times hilarious, sad, and terrifying. The guy is a survivor who is still out there doing his thing. This book is a must read and one of her best rock bios I have ever read. Again…wow." - Daggerzine

​10-13-17: "Even if Lloyd had never picked up a guitar his memoir would be a compelling glimpse into a unique and unconventional mind. He claims a near photographic memory of his entire life—a life motivated by his ceaseless desire for experiences. These “experiences” range from his early drug use to stays at mental institutions, second-hand guitar lessons from Jimi Hendrix, his long friendship with Anita Pallenberg and of course, being one of the guitarists in one of the greatest bands of all time, Television. Lloyd is alarmingly candid about himself and his life, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. His worldview is unlike any other I’ve encountered, and while you might not agree (or believe) with everything he states, you can’t stop reading. A truly remarkable achievement." ​- James Mann, The Big Takeover Magazine #81

10-13-17: "Richard Lloyd has lived his life like he plays his guitar—passionately, fearlessly, traveling from the lowest lows to the highest highs, yet always following an internal compass that points unwaveringly toward unadorned honesty. His courageous reveal of this journey lights up every page of this no-holds-barred memoir." -Chris Stamey, The db's

​10-13-17: ​"​One half of Television’s exalted twin-guitar axis alongside Tom Verlaine, Lloyd firmly maintains that he was a fully conscious “old soul” as a baby and wondered often, as a child, whether he had been “stranded on a farm planet as a punishment”... Clearly, Lloyd was, and remains, a complex and unorthodox thinker, and Everything Is Combustible is a duly unusual autobiography...there are anecdotes aplenty, related with unsentimental frankness: here is a man who has been punched by Jimi Hendrix, a man who became “a full-blown junkie” and who was even assessed as dead on arrival at a British hospital in 1979 after a heroin overdose...Whether or not you bridle at Lloyd’s seeming magniloquence (“Some of my recorded solos… like Elevation and See No Evil are melodically perfect, and cannot be faulted by Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck or anyone else…”) the annoying thing is that he’s absolutely right. Those guitar parts are among humankind’s highlight." - Record Collector Magazine

​​10-13-17: "Richard Lloyd's book is wonderful, totally unlike any other book I've yet read by a noted musician" - Shirley Pena, LA Beat

​10-4-17: CraveOnlineEverything Is Combustible is one of the seven best music books of Fall 2017: "Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a pioneer, to be at the cutting edge of a new culture just as it comes into being? There’s something heroic about having the nerve to break away from the pack and invent yourself on your terms. Enter Richard Lloyd, rock & roll guitarist and founding member of Television, who can now add the word “author” to his list of credits. In Everything is Combustible: Television, CBGB’s and Five Decades of Rock and Roll: The Memoirs of an Alchemical Guitarist (Beech Hill, October 24), Lloyd tells the story of his life, each chapter unfolding like a piece of origami. This is rock, in its purest sense: the spirit of freedom and rebellion set to a beat. It is the knowledge that joining the establishment is the wrong move, and that the only way out is through. Lloyd’s stories present the arc of history, and as our narrator and guide he gives us a taste of life as it could be. His first-person account of the transformation from rock to punk, the rise of the Lower East Side, and all the sagas that ensue make Everything is Combustible a first-rate autobiography and must-read for the fall." - Miss Rosen / CraveOnline

​9-24-17: ​Salon​: ​Everything Is Combustible ​ is one of the "30 must-read music books of Fall 2017"

​​9-7-17:New review: Television guitarist Richard Lloyd is one of rock music’s most imaginative guitarists. His solos slither and strike like a bolt of lightning as they subvert even most familiar chord progressions. His enemy is the cliché. So why should his wonderful book, Everything Is Combustible be any different? Forget what you know about music biographies. Forget what you think you know about CBGB and the bad old days. Lloyd offers a different way to look at rock and roll…and life as you know it. He’s a stranger in a strange land and a goddamn Zen troublemaker. This book is indeed  "combustible." - Brad Tolinski, author of Light & Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page and Play It Loud: An Epic History of the Style, Sound & Revolution of the Electric Guitar

​​9-7-17: New review: Pat Thomas, author of Listen, Whitey! and Head of A&R at  Light in the Attic Records writes: "Richard Lloyd was the backbone of the band and is a masterful storyteller - mixed with humor and vulnerability. Besides Television, Lloyd has some incredible stories about the West Coast in the late sixties, and a wild cast of characters in the cesspool of Manhattan throughout the 70s, 80s, etc. I didn't know what to expect from this book and I dug it deeply.”

​9-6-17: Just Announced: ​New York City / October 27: Richard Lloyd Group  Show and Book Release Party @ The Bowery Electric.  7PM. Signed copies of Everything Is Combustible will be available for sale.

​​9-5-17: Danny Goldberg writes:"I literally couldn't put it down - what a journey! I love the way Lloyd finds a way into deeper areas - I haven't seen anything like it in other rock memoirs."

​9-5-17: Just in from Phil Venable: Clips of Richard Lloyd in conversation with Paste Magazine Editor-In-Chief Josh Jackson at the AJC-Decatur Book Festival on September 2:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAmSVQ_O7dU

9-2-17: Just in from Creative Loafing:  "The book chronicles [Lloyd's] entire life, from seemingly transcendental childhood experiences, bouts in mental institutes, the highs of stardom, the lows of drug addiction, and finding redemption through the strength of his own character punctuate Lloyd’s life. Stories of lovingly trading insults with Keith Moon, taking drugs with Keith Richards, and enduring personality clashes with fellow Television guitarist Tom Verlaine are told with humor, honesty and aplomb." Full article here.

​​8-25-17: Just confirmed: Atlanta's premier bookstore, A Cappella Books will be offering copies of Everything Is Combustible for purchase to attendees at the AJC-Decatur Book Festival on September 2. Richard Lloyd's author session begins at 5:30 PM with a book signing to follow.

8-23-17: Just announced: The Richard Lloyd Group will be playing an intimate show at  Heydey Guitars performance space, Winston-Salem, North Carolina on September 10 at 5PM.  www.heydeyguitars.com

8-14-17:Best Classic Bands article: "Television Guitarist Richard Lloyd Pens Memoir"

8-8-17: ​Just announced: The Richard Lloyd Group will be playing two shows with theDream Syndicate in the fall: Boston area:  Somerville, MA at ONCE on December 1, and New York City at The Bowery Electric on December 2.

8-5-17: ​ The schedule  for Richard Lloyd's appearance and book signing at the AJC-Decatur Book Festival on September 2 at 5:30PM can be viewed at  www.decaturbookfestival.com/sessions/view/ 

7-25-17:Richard Lloyd Group will be performing at theHopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina on September 9. More information:

 www. hopscotchmusicfest.com/lineup/richard-lloyd/

7-3-17: ​Richard Lloyd Group will be performing at the CBGB's benefit for homeless veterans in Athen's Georgia on August 5​. More information at www.eventbrite.com/e/cbgb-athens-tickets

6-14-17:Just announced: Richard Lloyd will be appearing on the main stage at the AJC Decatur Book Festival, September 2 (exact time TBA). The book is officially released October 24th, but will be on sale at the event with a signing by Richard after an onstage interview with Josh Jackson from PASTE Magazine.

5-30-17:  Richard Lloyd Group ​is beginning a 14 date May-June Tour kicking off in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information please visit the Official Richard Lloyd Fan Page at Facebook. ​​​​

Richard Lloyd was born in in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1951. He is a world renowned electric guitarist, songwriter, recording artist and a founding member of Television.  As an author, Lloyd  was a regular columnist with Guitar World Magazine--the "Alchemical Guitarist."   As an autodidact, he has developed extensive expertise in many scientific and religious areas, and believes in the alchemical rule: "one book opens another."

Lloyd’s  first-person account of the transformation from rock to punk, the rise of the Lower East Side, and all the sagas that ensue make Everything is Combustible a first-rate autobiography and must-read for the fall." - Miss Rosen / CraveOnline

Richard Lloyd Group at the Georgia Theatre on June 23, 2017. Image: Cat Bobon